All conjure/spelled oils listed on this page are authentically spelled, handmade and crafted by me. If you are interested in purchasing any of the items listed here just click "Buy Now" and you will be taken to the payment page to buy your selected product. All my oils are charged under various sun and/or moon phases, contain various essential oils, herbs, prayers, psalms,sigils, incantations and crystals and are safe to wear on skin unless specified in item description. Please allow shipping time of up to 3 to 5 weeks to process. 


Money Drawing Oil $15

Looking for a some financial favor, good luck, or just money blessings in general? This oil always does the trick! This oil keeps money attracted to you and not just you being attracted to money! Annoint your hands,  pulse points and the soles of your feet, you can even annoint your wallet and/or pocketbook and your cash with this particular oil. 



Peaceful Home Oil $15

Does just what it says...Promotes peace in the home, away from the home, in relationships, friendships, buisiness partnerships, wherever peace is needed a dab of this stuff will do it everytime! Literally a burst of calm in a bottle!



Protection Oil $15

Protection to the mind, body and spirit. Protection from all danger, evil, hurt, harm ill-will, evil-eye, black magick, baneful magick, hexes, curses, crossed conditions, foot track magick etc.



"The Lovers" Spelled Body Oil $25.99

Hand crafted and spelled during Sirius Portal and waxing crescent moon July 2022. This oil is safe on skin and can also be used to dress candles and anoint your sacred objects. This oil was inspired by "The Lovers" rider-waite tarot card and designed to be used to draw in a lover, attract self-love, confidence, passion and beauty magicks! Some of the mesmerizing herb spirits in this magickal blend include lavender, dried red rose petals, comfrey , dandelion, hibiscus and a few other whimsical items guaranteed to take your love manifestations to the next level.







A Prayer To Oya

[Source: TheGoddessTree.Com]

"You are the one who has protected me, making sure that no harm has come to me. You have shown justice to all who have tried to harm me. I have felt your presence. You are an Orisha with many Sisters. Some people say that you are the Goddess of the Sea, but were tricked into trading it for the cemetery by your Sister, Yemoja. Others say that you are the Goddess of Storms, the Goddess of Change, or the Goddess of Weather. 

You are the Goddess who helps Spirits transition to the next Lifetime. You clear the way for new growth. You are beautiful, strong, radiant, full of life, dancing and twirling. Goddess of the Dark Moon, Keeper of the Winds and Tornadoes. I can see you all around me when I see my past, present, and future. Please watch over me as I go about my day. Ase! Ase! Ase! O!"

Thank you Goddess Oya for your many blessings.


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